Arun Thai - natuurlijke huidverzorging en massage

Arun Thai Natural™ brings you safe, natural products which are uniquely Thai in both flavour and origin – products to delight your senses and pamper your body. Our products are hand-made with care and attention to detail. We use sustainable raw materials in our manufacturing process – plants and trees which regenerate quickly in the tropical climate and which do not further deplete our Earth or poison our waterways. We endeavour to use sustainable packaging and try to limit that packaging to things that have a real function. Our business is “Fair Trade” every step of the way. We pay fair, market prices (and often above) for our raw materials, taking care not to exploit the rural people who are desperate to sell. We engage in fair work practices and ensure our staff always get more than the minimum requirements both in terms of salary and work practices. And “Fair Trade” continues for you, the customer – despite knowing that occasionally people will pay ridiculously high prices for perceived value, we charge a fair price only which allows us to make a fair living which we share with our extended Thai family. None of our products are tested on animals. In fact, the first test point is usually the very fair and incredibly-sensitive-skinned business part-owner – if it passes her personal “burn, itch and scratch” test, you can be sure the product is completely safe for even the most sensitive baby’s skin.